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Vol. 6 No. 2 June 2016

SSLLT 6(2) Cover Notes on Contributors

Editorial (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.1)


Justyna Leśniewska – The use of articles in L2 English: A phraseological perspective (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.2)

Dmitri Leontjev – L2 English derivational knowledge: Which affixes are learners more likely to recognise? (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.3)

Maria Pia Gomez-Laich – Second language learners' divergence from target language pragmatic norms (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.4)

Jenni Alisaari, Leena Maria Heikkola – Increasing fluency in L2 writing with singing (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.5)

Richard J. Sampson – EFL teacher motivation in-situ: Co-adaptive processes, openness and relational motivation over interacting timescales (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.6)

Jill Surmont, Esli Struys, Maurits Van Den Noort, Piet Van De Craen – The effects of CLIL on mathematical content learning: A longitudinal study (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.7)

Book reviews

Anna Parr-Modrzejewska – Review of Jelena Mihaljević Djigunović, Marta Medved Krajnović's Early learning and teaching of English: New dynamics of primary English (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.8)

Ewa Waniek-Klimczak – Review of Tracey M. Derwing, Murray J. Munro's Pronunciation fundamentals: Evidence-based perspectives for L2 teaching and research (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.1.9)

Zuzanna Kiermasz – Review of Lyn Wright Fogle's Second language socialization and learner agency: Adoptive family talk (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.10)

Dorota Werbińska – Review of Paula Kalaja, Ana Maria F. Barcelos, Mari Aro, Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty's Beliefs, agency and identity in language learning and teaching (doi:10.14746/ssllt.2016.6.2.11)

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